Top Five Places to Meet a Sugar Daddy

Free-styling, the art of making yourself available to potential sugar daddies in their natural environment, has been used by women for many years to find a potential sugar daddy. You’re not going to have much luck funding a sugar daddy at the bowling ally anymore than you’ll find sharks in a pasture pond. The trick is all in knowing where to go…

1. Upscale stores: One of the best times to find a sugar daddy candidate is when he’s out shopping. Wealthy men can afford to shop during “regular” business hours while the rest of the city is working, so plan your trip accordingly – Monday through Friday before about 3:00 in the afternoon.

2. Banks and Other Financial Institutions: It almost goes without saying that banks and investment firms are overflowing with potential sugar daddy candidates. Scope out the atmosphere and, if you like what you see, open an investment account. Make all of your deposits in person, and when you have a meeting with your financial adviser, arrive early by half an hour or so in order to meet the men frequent the firm.

3. Your place of work: I’m not talking about the people you work with. No, no, no! The men you meet while at work are your company’s customers. The best jobs for meeting potential sugar daddies are: waitress or hostess at an upscale restaurant or one close to your city’s financial district, customer service or personal shopper at an upscale retailer, and flight attendant among others.

4. Charity Events: Wealthy men love giving money to a good cause. Meeting a potential sugar daddy at a charity event almost guarantees that he is generous and you will not be disappointed should you agree to begin a relationship.

5. Online: Though the most popular websites have been around for quite awhile, over the past year, websites promoting sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships have popped up right and left. The internet provides a safe haven for a potential sugar baby to actively search for a sugar daddy from any location. It eliminates the need for you to pay for trips to the big city as any potential sugar daddy worth his salt will pay for your airfare to visit him or he will make sure to schedule a business meeting in or near your hometown.

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