Three Analytics Dashboards You Can’t Live Without

Analytics dashboards basically summarize complex information into charts and graphs so that you can make decisions about how to manage your website(s). dashboard for seo companies You can create your own dashboards based on the type of information you need, but, especially if you are fairly new in the online arena, using a pre-made analytics dashboard may be a better fit. These are three dashboards that provide great information and are easy to use. I would recommend them for anyone who is wanting to increase traffic to their page or pages.

Chartbeat – First, there is Chartbeat. Chartbeat is good if you have a website that consists of a few pages of static content. You can log in at any time to get a bird’s eye view of what is happening on your page. Data includes where viewers came from and what they are clicking on. The system also tracks the amount of time that each user is spending on each section of the page. You will get data on people reading your website on a particular page as well as how many “idle” users you have who are not really doing anything on the page. The data provided by Chartbeat really helps you get an idea of when, where, and how users are reaching your site, which helps you know how to adjust your content or SEO strategy accordingly.

HootSuite – Second, there is HootSuite. This is a premier dashboard for companies wanting data on their social media results or performance. The dashboard is especially useful if you are on Facebook and Twitter more often than a blog or a website. It doubles as a social media dashboard as well as an analytics dashboard. The HootSuite dashboard also pulls in data from Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to tell you how campaigns are impacting the clicks you get on your home websites. Dash – Finally, there is Dash. If your website has lots of content and you are striving for major visibility online, then this is probably your best bet. It is considered a “predictive dashboard” that looks closely at what is trending now and how to capitalize on what everyone is talking about in real-time. The analytics provided by the dashboard categorize every page on your site and you can sort content on your page to get a good idea of where everyone is looking and what sort of content you will need to produce to increase traffic. The dashboard is so advanced that it can actually suggest what topics your website should write about and what trends are up and coming.

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