Reiki Therapy – The Most Powerful Spiritual Healing Arts and Yet Very Gentle and Harmless

Reiki therapy is probably the most gentle and pleasant way that people came across, but within those soothing and pleasant system, a very powerful healing system is actually working on.

Reiki therapy offers you a number of benefits. The first and foremost is stress reduction, with reiki you can enter a deep relaxation state and about this there is no controversy even in the skeptical community, as Reiki therapy involves some sort of meditation, and almost anybody knows that meditation along with relaxation methods have been proven to be an effective stress reduction method, no doubt about it. Most of physical health ailments that most people got, have their roots in psychological stress from the current events and from the past as well.

Reiki healing is about acting on a positive energy that will only works for good without any negative side effects whatsoever.long distance reiki  Even if the recipient, whether intentionally or not, block the positive energy, they still will not any negative effects.

Reiki can work together harmoniously with the modern medicine method. Reiki therapy can be applied to anybody, regardless of their faiths and beliefs. Religion and faiths do not affect reiki process in any way, even though some religious practitioner or patients will experience some kind of ‘close to god’ feeling, but reiki is for everyone.

Reiki therapy can be applied to animal and plants as well. A reiki session for most animals will need about 30 minutes, depend on the nature of the problem your animal. most often a single treatment is enough, or further treatments may be needed. These will usually need shorter time to accomplished.

Reiki therapy method can be slightly different from one to another, some therapist need to touch their patients but some other only need to hover their hands slightly above the patients body. Usually the reiki healing session begin with creating a relax situation for the patients. They need to rest comfortably on a sofa or a massage table, and then the therapist begin his healing process, by opening their aura and then position their hands above the patients and stay there for sometimes before changing the positions.

Depend on the patient’s body area that have problem, the hand placements might stay one region for the whole healing session or in a different places, and last as long as it takes for the universal energies to transfer through the chakras. During this reiki healing time, you should feel at relax and comfortable and frequently a patients can become sleepy or fall asleep during this session.

The reiki therapy session is pleasant experience for both the therapist and the patients. Because reiki healing energy is soothing in nature, most likely you will experience pleasant feeling as well during your training or attunement.

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