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My Fellow Arizonans,

It is an honor to be running to represent Arizona in the United States Senate. I moved to Arizona three years ago after several national tours to promote my book, FREEDOM! I chose Arizona, because after driving around the entire country, I realized that this is the greatest state in the union.

I was recently recruited to run for Senate by my friend and Governor Candidate, Barry Hess. When he saw that all the Libertarian Party candidates had been disqualified by a Republican lawsuit, he put together the Arizona Freedom Team of write-in candidates. If we get enough write-in votes from Libertarians in the primary on August 28th, we’ll be on the general election ballot. This is also going to be very helpful for the Arizona Libertarian Party. Please check out for more information about this team effort to get Libertarians on the ballot.

You must be a registered Libertarian voter in the state of Arizona to vote for us, so if you’re not yet, please register at before July 30th and then write us in on your mail in ballot or in person. Let’s send a real maverick to represent Arizona in the Senate. Let’s send a Libertarian!

Peace and love,


Adam Kokesh