Used Pallets – A Smart Choice For New Business Start-Ups

More business owners are relying on used pallets for their operation. These people are considering what makes their company’s operations cost-efficient without compromising service or quality.

Business owners prefer recycled used pallets in moving materials around more than ever before. Food industry, paper & printing companies, steel industry, retail and manufacturing companies – all these are markets in which used pallets are utilized. As the economy is rapidly and constantly changing, it is a hands down decision to choose used pallets.

For those who are just starting out their business, I would suggest that you opt for wooden used pallets as well. Not only because it is my business but because it will help you and the bottom line of your business! The reason I recommend using wooden used pallets rather than plastic is three fold.

1. They are more readily available in a wider variety of sizes.
2. They are less expensive than plastic.
3. It is a renewable resource which improves the recycling resume of your company.

An estimated 50% of the harvested hardwood timber in the USA goes into new wood pallet production. Through the positive response from the companies nationwide, manufacturing new pallets has declined tremendously while an average of 170 million wood pallets is repaired each year.

Wooden used pallets come in several different sizes and types. The most common standard size is the 48×40 GMA used primarily in the food industry. Another common pallet is the CEN Standard, also called a EURO pallet; the ISO Standard and the 1200 x 1200 mm pallet. The Euro Pallet is widely used in Europe and comes in different sizes as well. The most common is the “Pallet EUR” or sometimes called a “whole pallet” which measures 800 x 1200mm. The ISO-Standard pallets are suitable when you have the racking systems to go with while the 1200 x 1200 mm pallets are used generally fresh produce and retail business.

The different pallet faces have various structures to meet your specifications: wing tip, block, 4way, 2-way reversible and the skid.

Wooden used pallets can usually withstand 1 to 2 shipments before they become damaged. But the advantage to wood pallets is that you can repair them. There are also a lot of useful ways to make industrial singapore pallets pallets useful again other than remanufacturing them.

If the business requires proper a storage system and shipping of its merchandise, buying used pallets is a smart decision. When you are just starting, you want to focus on how you will maximize profits and not on putting your money to something that will not help give you a return on your money spent.

The first step towards a good start up and thriving business, involving the shipping and receiving of goods, is to know where to cut your costs. Pallets can be a drain on your budget if you do not purchase wisely.

When you buy used pallets, you also need to consider buying equipment for hauling the pallets. Pallets work jointly with forklift or lift truck to haul the stacks and transport them. An excellent alternative to expensive forklift truck are hand-drawn pallet jacks which you can also buy reconditioned which saves you hundreds of dollars.

Starting a business must be well-planned, well-organized, and well-managed. There are a lot of required tasks to do and it may be overwhelming at first. Starting up is a critical yet exciting stage in launching a business. Remember, purchase wisely and make the most out of your savings.

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