Often we wonder why in playing Online Gambling surely most players and members are always losing or mostly losing, both in small numbers and up to a fantastic amount. This causes most people to always think if the Online Gambling website or website is cheating and deliberately set the system so that the members will always lose playing. Then why are there still many players or members of Online Gambling who remain loyal to play even though they have often and pkv poker lost but still persevere to continue playing Online Gambling? That’s what often appears in our minds, especially ordinary people about the game system in Online Gambling.

Let’s discuss in general about the Online game system. In any online game whether it’s a PC game or an Android game (mobile) of course we know the term rate or opportunity to get something, this is also more or less applied in every game contained in Online Gambling. In online gambling games generally the rate or chance of getting a good card is set by the system in such a way, so that the chances of winning or losing owned by the player or member in each Online Gambling website are random or random. But often the losing players always blame the system rate and CS which is the main cause of their defeat, not a few players even say that they deliberately lost to keep playing in their online gambling sites.

Therefore it is important for us to understand each of the rules and guidelines in the Online Gambling game before we decide to play on the Online Gambling sites. Our next discussion is at the core of this article.

Here are the main reasons why most Online Gambling players often lose the games they play, 

  1. Uncontrolled Emotions and Passions

Impressed simple and simple but believe it or not, this factor is one of the main causes why most online gambling players often lose playing. This is because the players are eager to win more bets than before so that they are instead swayed by their own passions and emotions and instead end up losing in large numbers in subsequent games.

  1. Poor Understanding of the Game being Played

Online gambling players often try a game that they have not fully mastered or even have never played before just out of curiosity in the game so that it leads to their losses.


  1. The Deposit Amount Is Too Small

In certain games, for example: BandarQ and Bandar Poker, there is one requirement in the form of a large amount of deposits between players where the player who has the biggest deposit will become a dealer, becoming a dealer has an advantage compared to other players at one table. So in this case if the player wants to play with a small deposit it is recommended to choose another game besides the two games above.

  1. Not careful in Paying Attention to the Line or Position of Tables and Chairs when Playing

Although in online gambling, opportunities to win all depend on luck, but often the position of the chair and table is a factor of luck for some online gambling players, not a few who believe if the position of the chair or table can provide victory for them. Most of these factors are not given much attention by beginner or new Online Gambling players, but according to professional Online Gambling players, the mistake of choosing the position of tables and chairs is believed to be one of the causes of their defeat in the game being played.

Thus our discussion of the factors – the reasons why online gambling players often lose in playing, does this factor also apply to all of our bettors that we respect? Or do the bettors have their own opinions and viewpoints on this discussion? Hopefully this article is useful for all of you and Thank You.

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