Taking The RHIT Assessment

RHIT stands for Registered Health Information Technician. The RHIT examination is conducted by American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Of taking the examination, the expense is $299 for non-members and $229 for AHIMA members. The examination is 3.5 hours long, it’s 150 four-option multiple choice questions, the evaluation is composed of 130 scored questions and 20 pretest questions. More info https://www.itexamsuccess.com/

RHIT Employment

People with RHIT credential are health information professionals who:

  • Confirm the standard of health care records by ensuring they’re complete, accurate, and correctly entred into the data system.
  • Use computerized software to analyze patient information to improve patient care and track expenses.
  • Specialize in coding and processes on individual documents for reimbursement and research.

RHIT accredited professionals possess potential for progress to managerial positions, typically whenever the candidate also offers a bachelor’s degree.

Most RHITs operate in hospitals, but they’re also required in different settings like nursing homes, doctor’s offices, home healthcare agencies, mental health facilities, in addition to public health facilities. RHITs might in fact be required in any situation which needs health information or info, such as wellness product sales, insurance providers, and research.

RHIT Exam Preparation

When preparing for the RHIT examination be certain that you check out the AHIMA site they’ve useful info on scheduling examinations, and preparation tips. I found the novels when I studied to the examination. AHIMA all recommends them and that I managed to find them recorded at the best deals on Amazon.

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