Russian Blue Cat – The Russian Shade of Blue Meets the British Shade of Blue

The history the Russian Blue Cat is quite interesting, it seems that sometime in the late nineteenth century crews of British sailors became fascinated with these Russian cats, so much so that they took them back to England, Scotland, puppies for sale Wales, Ireland.

It was here that they interbred the Russian cats with somewhat similar looking British Blue cats, the end result was the Russian Blue Cat of today, so, it’s truly east meets west, Russian meets Great Britain. The original Russian cats are thought to have an origin way up north in the Archangel islands, many dark miles north and east of Moscow.

These islands are on the Barents Sea, a part of the larger Arctic Ocean, so that might give you an idea of how cold it gets up there in the winter. That’s where these cats got their amazingly lustrous coats of fur, an ingenious design of thousands of years of evolution and natural selection.

The Russian Blue is in many ways similar to the Siberian cat, it has wide ears and large eyes, however the Russian Blue cat tends to have green eyes and they are a bit longer and sleeker, Siberians are big and muscular in nature. Like the Siberian, the Russian Blue has a double coat of fur which was obviously prized by fur trappers in centuries gone by, and even more prized for freezing pre-history humans surviving in the wide northern climates.

The coat of the Russian Blue is, of course, blue in color, but there is also some silver in there as well. Many people think that with the cat’s emerald green eyes and wide face these cats look a bit like a cobra, and that may not be very far off, there is evidence that cats and snakes share a good amount of similarities and very likely some similar genetics if we went back far enough in history.

This breed (like all breeds) can sometimes be found at the local rescue shelter, if you’re lucky, and if you live in northern Great Britain you’re probably more likely to find one than if you live other places. In the U.S. and Canada this breed is more rare, and you’ll most likely have to approach a licensed breeder, perhaps even miles away from your home. Of course, a call to the local shelter is always worth a few minutes to check to see if you might be able to adopt one of these great cats.

Russian Blue cats and kittens have a very calm and gentle manner which most people will truly adore, they also have a soft voice and rarely growl, hiss, or make a fuss, which is blissful

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