Qivana’s Debut on the Network Marketing Scene – Guts & Glory? Or Smoke & Mirrors?

Just like every industry in the world, there are new companies popping up in the direct sales market each and every day. asian cam girls In fact, I’ve noticed that many manufacturers of streamlined reliable products are switching their business model to referral marketing and many successful sales people are vying for the position to be top on the freelance pick to represent legitimate, proven products. This shift has certainly prompted me to investigate fully the nature and dynamics of the network marketing industry.

Perhaps you have heard about a new company called Qivana. Is it a scam? Or is it a legitimate business opportunity? This article will give you my experience of my thorough look at the timing, the company, the products, and the compensation plan.


I discovered that a key factor in the network marketing industry, also referred to as MLM (multi-level marketing), is timing. This makes perfect sense since the same is true in regards to the success of any business. Timing is two-fold. Timing of the product and entering the Company before it hits momentum. Qivana officially launched in April of 2009, so timing for capitalizing on its growth is ideal. As far as the product, Qivana is on the cutting-edge of technologies available to the wellness industry. As you will read below, its product is perfectly aligned with the transition people are making to valuing preventative health and Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM). In my opinion, to get involved with Qivana right now resembles the pow-wow MIT geeks had with Bill Gates while the rest of America was up in arms about what a home computer was, let alone organizing and literally depending upon computer assisted technologies for daily mainstream tasks.

The Company

Qivana is a direct sales company, also called a network marketing company. It was founded by 5 men:

* Derek Hall – Chief Executive Officer
* Rodney James – Chief Sales Officer
* Devin Glazier – Chief Financial Officer
* Justin Banner – Chief Strategy Officer
* Craig Johanson – Chief Marketing Officer

As a former business owner, what grabbed my attention was their experience. Not only their experience as C-Level execs determined to set the bar, but their familiarity with the network marketing industry, also called the MLM industry. These men tout 75 years combined as some of the most successful leaders in top MLM firms such as XanGo, NuSkin, and Tahitian Noni. Their personal resumes each carry weight of their own, but what captivated me was the joint decision of Johanson, Banner, James and Glazier to woo Hall out of retirement. After the four received the blessings to respectfully depart their previous roles, the five set up shop in Provo, Utah full speed ahead.

The Products

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