Is It Possible to Install Straight Stairlifts on Curved Staircases?

It is possible to use straight stairlifts on certain curved staircases -which means an expensive ‘custom’ curved stairlift may not be necessary.

It is safer, and more practical, to purchase a curved stairlift. Cheap alternatives and quick fixes rarely compare. MONTASCALE PERUGIA

However, it is important to note that the following staircases might be suitable.

Depending on the length of its flight of stairs, a single ninety-degree flat landing can house a straight stairlift.

Either a single straight stairlift or two separate ones can be fitted.

It is possible to fit a platform, provided there are two steps or less on the second section. To put that into context, platforms are designed to bridge the gap between a stairlift and a landing.

Many companies, however, refuse to fit platforms because of potential safety issues.

These issues can be avoided by purchasing a curved stairlift.

Another possible staircase that can accept a straight stairlift is a double ninety-degree flat turn staircase.

In this instance, two separate ones must be installed. In this case, it might be wise to get a curved stairlift, since the overall price of purchasing two may be more expensive.

One of the flights must be shorter than the other for the two stairlift solution to work. It may be possible for the user to manage the shorter flight and, therefore, only one straight stairlift would be necessary on the longest flight.

Two straight stairlifts can also be used on an intermediate flat landing – where the staircase has a platform and then continues then continues straight on.

Again, fitting just one stairlift on the longest flight may be possible for people with minor disabilities.

For those that require two, consider how difficult it will be for the person to transfer from one stairlift to the other – or, alternatively, purchase a reconditioned curved stairlift.

With a ninety-degree fan turn, there isn’t much choice other than to purchase a curved stairlift – because this type of staircase is a genuine¬†curve.

A slightly cheaper alternative is a platform installation – but this only works if there are two or less steps after the turn.

To reiterate, though, many companies will not install platforms because of potential safety issues.

Some staircases have one hundred and eighty degree flat turns.

In this scenario, there is plenty of room to accommodate separate straight stairlifts, This is an easy solution and practical for the user to transfer between stairlift seats.

Again, however, the cost of a reconditioned curved stairlift may come to less than two straight ones so fitting just one stairlift on the longest flight might be a good if the user can negotiate the smaller flight.

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