Go For No Movie by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz

Go For No Movie is a documentary filmed by Richard Fenton, and Andrea Waltz. These two people are the CEOs of the Go For No Courage Crafters, Inc. These two people met while they were employees at Lens Crafters. Together, they decided to ditch their very high profile positions, and start a motivational speech and literary firm. Their purpose is to encourage others to build themselves up, face their fears, and to accomplish things that they might have never thought possible.

Go For No is a catchphrase, and a movement that Richard and Andrea created. This is based upon the fact that people feel confident in their endeavors if they hear the word “yes”. However, the word “no” creates such negative connotations and reactions in people.123movies site The word “no” can cause powerful negative reactions in people. Most people crumble under the word “no”. They feel rejected, and defensive. Some people become combative when they hear the word “no”.

The premise of Richard and Andrea’s program, is that people take the word “no” so personally, because they don’t know any other way to react to it. From the time people are small children, the word “no” is associated with shame, being wrong, being bad, or unworthy. “No” means rejection of who we are, our ideas, our person, or is associated with being unacceptable. Most people are programed to feel so strongly about the word “No”, that they don’t think about overcoming that word, or even realizing that they can possibly overcome the word “no”. This is the goal of teaching the Go For No concept, and the Go For No Movie

The Go For No movie seeks to reprogram the minds of people willing to take their lives and careers to new heights. The fact of the matter is that the word “no” is a part of our lives. There are so many scenarios in which we will be exposed to the word “no”. The key is to not be overcome by the word “no”, but to learn how to embrace it, and embrace challenges. Sometimes “no” doesn’t mean “no”. Sometimes, it means try harder, get creative, or think outside of the box. This is what Richard and Andrea want to teach others in the Go For No DVD

The Go For No Movie is an inside look at the Go For No philosophy at work in everyday life. Richard and Andrea took a road trip, and they interviewed many well known minds in the self improvement/motivational industries. These people all use Go For No in one way or the other. They speak of overcoming great obstacles, because they learned how to live with, face, and overcome the “no” factors in their lives. Viewers watching the Go For No DVD will gain rich insight from these very successful minds.

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