Best Credit Cards for Balance Transfers in Singapore – How to Apply

Credit cards have become the major necessities of life today. They help you in times of crisis and occupy a very important position in the life of every citizen of Singapore. How To Apply For Singapore Visa There are several banks in Singapore that can help you to get. However, your task would be to find out the best offer for transferring the balance in Singapore.  

Credit Cards for Balance Transfer:

The following credit cards offered by Citibank and HSBC Bank in Singapore can be used for balance transfer facility. The other banks also offer cards with balance transfer facility, but these are the best cards.

  • Citibank, Marine Parade Road, Singapore- Citi Platinum Visa and MasterCard, Citi Clear Platinum card, Citi TANGS Platinum Visa card, and Citibank Paragon Platinum MasterCard.
  • HSBC Bank, Tampines Branch, Singapore – HSBC Platinum Credit Card, HSBC Premier MasterCard, and Gold Visa/ MasterCard

How to Apply?

When your credit score is low, getting a card proves to be quite difficult. However, there are some banks and other financial institutions which offers even in cases of bad credit. However, in most cases the rates of interest charged by them are generally higher. Irrespective of higher interest it is still better for you to go for them because you would at least get the card. In such a case, the best option for you would be to compare the different rates and then apply for the best which suits you the most.

If you follow these things, it would definitely be easier for you to get the best card from the best financial institution. It would also not be much difficult to fetch a card even when your credit score is low.

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