A Dicom Viewer Offers a Handy Way to See Your Digital Medical Images

A dicom viewer makes it possible for you to take a look at a variety of medical digital images. Dicom viewers have the capability of being able to read digital images that come from a wide range of modalities, including ultrasound, CTs, MRIs, x-rays and mammographies, among others. Dicom viewers can also be used with a PACS system to allow you to archive your digital images safely and allow your medical facility the option of using teleradiology for distribution of digital images the efficient and cost-effective way.

Dicom images are a type of format especially designed for the viewing of medical digital images. It is similar to other digital image formats that you might be familiar with and use on your personal computer. Your dicom viewer is a software that can be used on a personal computer or on a diagnostic monitor, and this software translates the digital information you have acquired and turns it into a digital medical image. Dicom viewers may also be placed on a server and used over the World Wide Web. This gives you the benefit of being able to see digital images from remote locations, and allows for specialist timeviewer with physicians located anywhere in the world with Internet access and the appropriate software and authorization.

One type of dicom viewer that is very popular with physicians is the Efilm Workstation. This handy software allows you to view PET and CT images at the same time, and also offers a thumbnail viewer for your use. The sophisticated dicom viewer also allows you to accomplish 3D volume rendering, and toolbars can be customized to your specifications. Storage of dicom medical imaging is possible because the Efilm dicom viewer allows you to save your images and other files to DVDs or CDs.

One example of a quality web-based dicom viewer is the Viztek Opal-Rad system. These dicom viewers are servers that offer secure socket layer encryption for safety in transmitting patient records. Physicians have individual usernames and passwords as another means for control in the medical digital image distribution process. Now you can customize the compression of the dicom medical imaging so that load times can be improved. These dicom viewers also allow you to enhance your dicom medical imaging through the use of tools that include rotation, zoom, window and level, to name a few.

These digital image viewers are the workhorses of many of the daily tasks that you perform in your medical office, whether large or small, and they work hard so that you can work efficiently.

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