College Degrees Are The Nation’s New Currency

College degrees are the new FIAT currency, it seems like everyone has one these days. The promises of success that just await for anyone who is willing to sign their names on the dotted line. It’s unfortunate how many of us have fallen for the dream of a great future and only to find out that you are just like the rest.

Working in drab corporate offices and indulging in office politics as it is the only way to get ahead in the corporate world. Work and toil your ass off hoping for one day maybe you can sit back and relax and not work so hard anymore.

But soon you will realize that the dream they sold you when you were younger was just that a dream! A dream where you will never achieve in your real life and if you do you will always be under some one else’s boot lam bang dai hoc.

You realize this while you sit in traffic in the morning rush to get to work. In a cubicle breathing unfiltered air and being around people you do not like. This is what happens to every person everyday!

Having a college degree and I have said this time and time again that they do not guarantee success. Success has to come from you wanting it bad enough to create your own. Now a days college degrees are the new FIAT currency! Like the dollar there is so many people out there exchanging money all over the place and while this is happening the dollar slowly continues to lose its value. The more money is out on the street the less you can buy with it.

The 25 cents bag of chips a few years ago is now a dollar today. I’m not much of an Economist but at least I know that something is wrong with this picture. This rings true with college degrees!

The more people take the time to get one the more the degree loses its value like a FIAT currency.

A college degree is just a piece of paper that is backed by nothing except to keep you in debt. It does not guarantee you a job, that has to come from you and not your FIAT college degree.

In the beginning College Degrees did hold a lot of weight behind it and at one time promised you a shot at success. Just like the Dollar did when this country was young. But as time progressed the value of both continue to deteriorate more and more to a point that some day soon Average Joe or Jane will not be able to pay for a good education anymore.

So many people with degrees walking around fighting for the same types of jobs. You are just another face in the crowd of millions who are hitting the pavement everyday. You ask yourself why! Why did I spend all this money only to find out that it is worth nothing. Colleges and Universities pump out college degrees by the thousands! Any type of degree you want I’m sure some college or university is already teaching.

College degrees are the new FIAT currency of colleges and universities everywhere. It is in their best interests to keep the money train coming in and continue to sucker naive people into getting themselves in debt. They do not care what you major in!

Just look around at the types of stupidity they try to sell as education. I know for me when I got my degree I had to put on some comfortable shoes and hit that pavement hard! Most of the interviews they did not even bother to ask if I had a college degree they only ask if I can do the job that they expect me to do.

Hear that noise?

Those are the degree mills pumping out degrees non stop! Worthless paper that cannot even get you through the door these days. Many young people these days are suffering as it has become extremely difficult for them to begin living their lives.

The Colleges and Universities no longer teach what the students need to know about real life and its difficulties. They do not teach you how to adapt to your environment or to be smart enough to survive.

Be smart and do not allow yourself to be manipulated by those that claim they are the authority, always ask yourself or even those people that claim to be looking out for you questions.

Do not be led like Sheep to the slaughter!

There are many other roads to success getting a College Degree is just one of many and it is not the only road to take. Research the field you want to study and make a realistic decision!

Like if I study this will I have jobs available to me when I finish? In this volatile economic times you never know if you will have a job when you get out of college.

Tips to Choosing the Best Decal Printing Service

Have you ever wanted to apply decal printing services to your vehicle? If so, then you are not alone. Decals have been around for decades and they are only becoming more popular as time progresses. Decals are used everywhere from outdoor signs to car decals for your Lamborghini to bicycle decals for your children’s bike. The reason for this is because they are eye catching, fun, unique, and most of all they make a statement about your personality, your lifestyle, and your business or organization.

Water Slide Decal Printing Procedure

Today, there are so many companies that offer decal printing services. Many people may wonder how they can possibly choose the right company for their job. When looking to apply decal printing services to your vehicle, there are some basic things that you need to keep in mind. For example, is the decal printing service for outdoor signs or is it only for indoor signs? If it is for outdoor signs, then you want to look for a company that specializes in outdoor decal printing because they will be able to provide you with signs that will withstand the elements such as wind, rain, and extreme heat in tem dan ly tra sua.

Another thing to consider when choosing a decal printing service is the type of design that you want. This is important because you do not want to have to return the decal printing because the design was too boring or it did not match your car or truck. Some customers ask to see samples of previous work before having their decal printing service applied. If a company cannot produce several samples of their designs, then they should definitely consider hiring a different printer.

The final thing to keep in mind when choosing a decal printing service is the pricing. You need to be aware of the average cost of printing before you start looking for a printing service. There are certain websites that allow you to enter in a price range and it will then calculate the prices for you based on your price range. It is a great tool because it helps you eliminate a lot of printers that might not be within your desired price range.

A good decal printing service should be willing to work with you on a one-time basis if that is what you require. If you do not require a printing service on a regular basis, then it is important to choose a company that offers a reasonable price and will do quality work once the job has been done. Remember that printing companies are competing for your business, so they will be trying their best to give you the best service possible. There are some printing services that will try to get you to hire them on a monthly basis. If you do not need this service then look for another printer.

If you have a specific design in mind, then look for a decal printing company that has experience with that design. There are many designers out there but only a few who are good at what they do. You want someone who can create the decals to your liking. There are some designers who are more talented than others. You should check out reviews online to see what other people think of the company who will be rendering the service for you. If you feel comfortable with the person that you are talking to on the phone and the prices that they offer, then you are ready to get your decals printed.