Three Analytics Dashboards You Can’t Live Without

Analytics dashboards basically summarize complex information into charts and graphs so that you can make decisions about how to manage your website(s). dashboard for seo companies You can create your own dashboards based on the type of information you need, but, especially if you are fairly new in the online arena, using a pre-made analytics dashboard may be a better fit. These are three dashboards that provide great information and are easy to use. I would recommend them for anyone who is wanting to increase traffic to their page or pages.

Chartbeat – First, there is Chartbeat. Chartbeat is good if you have a website that consists of a few pages of static content. You can log in at any time to get a bird’s eye view of what is happening on your page. Data includes where viewers came from and what they are clicking on. The system also tracks the amount of time that each user is spending on each section of the page. You will get data on people reading your website on a particular page as well as how many “idle” users you have who are not really doing anything on the page. The data provided by Chartbeat really helps you get an idea of when, where, and how users are reaching your site, which helps you know how to adjust your content or SEO strategy accordingly.

HootSuite – Second, there is HootSuite. This is a premier dashboard for companies wanting data on their social media results or performance. The dashboard is especially useful if you are on Facebook and Twitter more often than a blog or a website. It doubles as a social media dashboard as well as an analytics dashboard. The HootSuite dashboard also pulls in data from Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to tell you how campaigns are impacting the clicks you get on your home websites. Dash – Finally, there is Dash. If your website has lots of content and you are striving for major visibility online, then this is probably your best bet. It is considered a “predictive dashboard” that looks closely at what is trending now and how to capitalize on what everyone is talking about in real-time. The analytics provided by the dashboard categorize every page on your site and you can sort content on your page to get a good idea of where everyone is looking and what sort of content you will need to produce to increase traffic. The dashboard is so advanced that it can actually suggest what topics your website should write about and what trends are up and coming.

Thinking About Buying an Established Business? – Where Can You Go to Buy a Business?

Buying a business can be a little overwhelming. There are many places which list businesses for sale. The most obvious places to start are of course is locally, buy a business in Newspapers and trade magazines; talk to business brokers, and ask your accountant or business adviser if they know of any potential businesses on the market.

Also, research ‘businesses for sale’ using your web access. It is a good idea to list your requirements online and receive instant notification when something suitable comes on to the market.

If you are already in business and are looking at strategic acquisitions, you may find word of mouth a useful method – through customers, competitors and suppliers. Naturally this depends on the relationship you have with them.

Every once in a while you may come across a business you would just love to own that is not for sale and wonder how to approach the business owner.This type of sale happens more often than you would expect, but it must be done in the correct manner to ensure you buy at the right price.

1. Buying a Business – What type of business can you see yourself owning and working in?

If you are not sure and have not had a great amount of exposure to small business your first step is to find out more on the life of a small business owner, have a chat with some business owners and find out how their first few months were when they were new to the business. How has buying a business changed their lives and what advice could they provide. Was their motivation to work in the business or run it at arms length?

Straight talk – unless you are looking at buying the business do not ever ask them personal questions such as how much the business turns over or anything regarding their financials as that is like someone asking you how much you get paid. Do not be hesitant to approach a business owner; you will be surprised just how much assistance business owners are willing to give you if you are genuine and transparent about it. It is a good idea to be prepared and have a couple of questions ready ahead of time, by being tactful and considerate you will get some great insights on operating a business from successful business owners!

2. Buying a Business – Are you a first time business buyer?

It is very normal for first time business buyers to start feeling overwhelmed and a little hesitant about buying a business, if this is the case you might be more comfortable taking a look at a franchise. Many first time business buyers feel that buying a franchise reduces the risk and provides them with additional and ongoing support from the franchisor.

3. Buying a Business – Discover hundreds of different types of businesses for sale

Business buying and selling websites are popping up all over the place which is great for you. There are many sites to look at, here is a few tips to help you research: – Use a search engine like Google and make sure you are ‘Googling’ in the Google site associated with the country you are looking to buy a business. a business(Australia). This will show your local country pages first, making it easier to get to where you want fast.

– If you do not know what type of business you would like to buy, simply search for businesses for sale in the geographical area of choice.
– If you have a clear idea on the type of business you would like to buy then simply type the exact business for sale and geographical area.
– Make sure you do not miss the Businesses for Sale By Owner sites – Google shows a healthy list of them, our research indicates that over 30% of the businesses offered for sale are for sale by the owner (you may see the abbreviation FSBO or DIY ) so Google the abbreviation. Many smart business owners are now acquiring all the skills and information they need to successfully sell their own business without a business broker. This could be a huge benefit to you as the business buyer.

Buying a business successfully is really quite simple when you have all the information and a helping hand to guide you through the process without making avoidable mistakes. It is important to ensure you have as much information as possible because, in most cases, the business broker is working for the seller/owner. You can be one step ahead at all time armed with all the information and a business valuation tool will put you in the very best possible buying position for a win/win outcome.