How to Install MP3 Songs in Your LG VX9800 Cell Phone

If you have one of the cool LG VX9800 cell phones and wonder how you get MP3 songs into the phone, mp3juice here is a short tutorial on how to do that. Easy to follow and easy to do. You’ll be jamming to new tunes on your cell phone in no time.

The first mistake many users make in trying to get MP3’s on their LG VX9800 is that they simply insert the card into the phone. This won’t work and the cell phone will tell you that it can not find any MP3’s.

What you need to do is format the card for your cell phone. You do this by inserting the SD card into the VX9800 first. Then remove the SD card and insert it into your computer. Your computer should tell you that new hardware was found.

Depending on what type of computer and software you have, you may see a directory listing with names such as: MY FLIX, My Sounds, My PIX, My MP3. Select “My MP3” and then move the songs you want into this folder. Eject and reinsert the SD card into your VX9800.

One thing you should keep in mind is that you need to keep the Name of the MP3 song to 43 characters or less or the phone will not show the MP3.

I also hear a lot of people complaining that the cell phone does not recognize their MP3 songs when in fact, they have the songs in the wrong format. Sounds funny I know, but the songs have to be in a MP3 format, not a DRM.

If you have problems with the MP3’s showing up in the VX9800, then you may have to get a WMA to MP3 converter. There are several places on the Internet where you can find these.

For Mac users, you may have to convert the .aac songs to MP3 in order to get them to work. You can do this easily in iTunes. Here’s how.

In your library, highlight the song or songs you want to convert. Go to iTunes preferences, advanced, importing. Make sure that the Import using pull down menu shows MP3 Encoder. Close preferences and in iTunes click on the Advanced pull down menu. With the song or songs you want to convert still highlighted, choose convert to mp3. After it’s finished you will have two copies of each song you converted. The original aac and the new mp3. You can delete the aac or keep both. The mp3s can be moved into the MY MP3s folder on your MiniSD (make sure you don’t put them in the MY MP3 Playlist folder) card then the card can be put into your LG VX9800 cell phone.

How To Find The Right Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

When you, a family member or loved one is battling against the demons associated with drug and/or alcohol abuse, rehabilitation is needed to get back on a healthy track. Turning to the healing properties of a drug rehab or alcohol rehab center can bring about the lifestyle and behavioral changes associated with leaving negative influences to the wayside.

There are numerous drug and alcohol rehab centers across the United States. Sometimes, a patient may even choose treatment outside of the country. Rehabilitation is a very emotional and a mental roller coaster that takes every ounce of restraint and focus. It is the responsibility of alcohol and drug rehab centers to find the medium and motivation for each patient to embrace recovery. Each and every individual that walks through the door of a clinic or enters a program is unique.

Different Clinic and Program Approaches

Since no two patients are alike, drug and alcohol rehab programs and procedures differ. While some rely heavily on prescription drugs and other medical techniques, there are other methods of treatment that utilize holistic or natural approaches. When evaluating a potential drug or alcohol rehab center, there are several different types of treatment programs to consider. Substance abuse is a delicate issue and each drug of choice is dealt with in a different manner. For instance, sleeping pill addiction will not be treated in the same way as crystal meth addiction.

One of the main decisions regarding the type of alcohol or drug rehab center to consider is the length of necessary treatment. With short-term rehab clinics, a patient may become a resident and undergo various medical approaches for several weeks. They may also receive drug-free outpatient services. When longer-term care is needed, several outpatient treatments are available as well. A patient may also choose to live in a residential community treatment center to ensure continue drug-free success. Some residents may choose or need to spend years at these types of facilities.

The issue of medication and other drug treatment options come into play when choosing a drug rehab clinic, as seen through what is called maintenance treatment. For example, a heroin addict may receive an oral dose of methadone to help block the effects of their abused drug of choice. The methadone helps to eliminate the cravings that many addicts encounter through physiological demands on their body. Some people are leery of methadone treatments because this drug in itself can be addicting.

When it comes time to locate the best drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers within your grasp, doctors and other health professionals will give you what is called a referral. You may receive one or two to choose from, but they are usually the most viable options best alcohol rehabs of treatment for you to consider. When budget is of no concern, some people will look into treatment options both near and wide. Some drug and alcohol rehab centers are more private than others, offering certain luxuries that state officials cannot afford. There are numerous brochures and websites to scan when you are able to pay more for your treatment options.

What to Expect With Treatment

Very rarely do you see drug rehabilitation without some sort of approach towards psychological repair. Even though drugs can be purged from the physical parts of the patient, it is the mental barriers and breakdowns that continue the vicious cycle of drug abuse. Most drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs will treat the mind, body and soul of a patient. This is the best approach towards increasing the success rate for when patients are released onto the world.

It is also much healthier for the patient to receive well-rounded treatment so that they may achieve stronger, more positive outcomes. It is the goal of rehab centers to make sure patients equip themselves with the tools and strength needed to resist temptation and face the threat of relapse.